HDD Overview


Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) is a trenchless construction method used to install underground pipes, cables, and conduits. It is often used to install infrastructure for utility services, such as water, sewage, telecommunications and also energy pipelines such as oil, gas and electricity.



HDD is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional excavation methods, as it reduces the need for digging and minimizes the impact on surface structures and landscapes. HDD is also useful in situations where traditional excavation is not feasible, such as in areas with heavy traffic or where underground utilities are already in place.

There are several steps involved in the HDD process, including Site preparation, Drilling, Reaming, Pullback and Site restoration.

The major process has three phases:

HDD requires specialized equipment and trained personnel to complete the process safely and effectively. It is important to carefully plan and coordinate the HDD process to ensure that the project is completed successfully and that all safety guidelines are followed.


In Arbelos, we participated in the design & construction of HDD projects under:

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