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HDD Engineering & Consultancy Services for installation of underground utilities.



HDD Design

Our HDD design and planning services involve the use of specialized technology and expertise to plan and design horizontal directional drilling (HDD) projects. This includes determining the feasibility of a project, selecting the appropriate drilling rig and equipment, and creating detailed plans and designs for the drilling process. Services also include site assessment and analysis, risk management, time and cost estimation. The goal of HDD design and planning services is to ensure that the HDD project is executed safely and efficiently. It also includes identifying and mitigating any potential environmental impacts, and ensuring compliance with local regulations. With the help of our services, the HDD project can be executed with minimal disruption and maximum precision, allowing for a successful installation of underground utilities such as pipelines and cables.

Steps involved in HDD designing

The first step in designing an HDD profile is to clearly define the goals and objectives of the project, including the type and size of the pipe or conduit being installed and the desired drilling path.
A site assessment is conducted to gather information about the subsurface conditions and any potential challenges or risks that may be encountered during the HDD process. This may include collecting soil and geologic data, performing subsurface testing, and identifying any potential hazards or obstacles that may impact the drilling process.
The drilling path is carefully planned to minimize any potential impacts on surface structures, landscapes, and ecosystems, and to ensure that the drill can be effectively navigated through the subsurface. The drilling path should also be designed to avoid any underground utilities or other obstacles.
The type and size of the drilling equipment and materials required will depend on the size and complexity of the project and the subsurface conditions. It is important to carefully select the drilling equipment and materials to ensure that they are suitable for the project and capable of meeting the project's requirements.
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HDD Consultansy

Our HDD consultancy services provide expert supervision and guidance during the execution of horizontal directional drilling (HDD) projects. Services are provided by experienced professionals with a thorough understanding of the HDD process and the specific requirements of the project. As HDD superintendent, we are responsible for overseeing the drilling crew and equipment, ensuring that the project is executed according to the plans and specifications, and that the project is completed on schedule. We also ensure that all safety protocols are followed, and that the project is in compliance with local regulations. Our HDD consultancy services provide expert support and guidance to clients on all aspects of HDD projects, including planning, design, equipment selection, and execution. We work closely with clients to ensure that the project is executed according to their specific needs and requirements.
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Tailored Consultancy

  • Review of HDD plans
  • Design Validation
  • HDD Data Review
  • Effective Communication
  • Post-drilling analysis and report

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HDD Technical Support

Our HDD technical support services provide specialized assistance and expertise to companies and organizations that are involved in horizontal directional drilling (HDD) projects. Our Technical support services can include troubleshooting and problem-solving, equipment selection according to the project, and providing guidance on how to optimize the performance of HDD equipment. We can assist with the drill bit tracking using your LWD walk-over systems as well as with drilling fluid testing and adjustment to properly lubricate the drill bit and to flush out cuttings during the drilling process. These services can be provided on-site or remotely and are essential for the smooth operation of HDD projects. We also assist clients in identifying and mitigating any potential issues that could arise during the execution of the project.


served successfully, meeting their needs in HDD projects.
  • V D80+DW JT40
  • AT Bit punch-out
  • Exit-pit-7pipes
  • Boring under sea
  • Installed pipe
  • Reamer+product pipe connection
  • Drill Rig in action
  • Ø630 Butt fusion
  • Pipe on shore landing
  • 24" steel pipe during pullback
  • 24" lowering into trench
  • HDD design
  • Punch-out to the bottom of the sea
  • Reamer disconnection
  • HDPE pipe during pullpack
  • Pipe on the seafloor

HDD Turnkey Solution

The unique competitive advantage of this service is the combination of experience in both design and construction of horizontal directional drilling (HDD) projects, providing clients with a turnkey solution for their HDD needs. This turnkey solution includes the complete design and planning, as well as the construction and execution of the project. With this combination of expertise and partnerships, clients can benefit from a seamless and integrated approach to their HDD project, ensuring that all aspects of the project are executed efficiently and effectively. This one-stop solution eliminates the need for clients to coordinate between multiple vendors and provides them with a single point of accountability, making the process of completing their HDD project easier and more cost-effective.

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